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Londolozi Tree Camp

Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa

Platinum price level

Mango Opinion

Tree Camp is a beautiful camp with a sleek modern design. The camp is gorgeous and the wildlife is very good. We have had enough reports of lack of attention to detail and inconsistent service in recent history that we have other favorites at this price point. 

Londolozi Private Game Reserve is an exclusive safari destination situated in the heart of Kruger National Park. Meaning protector of all living things in Zulu, Londolozi is renowned for its progressive eco-tourism practices, and is one of the most sought-after safari destinations in Africa due its reknowned Big Five game viewing. It has earned an international reputation for its unmatched African wildlife experience, personalized service and superb safari accommodation, commended as such by Nelson Mandela, who visited the reserve shortly after his release from prison.

Londolozi always strives to transcend and redefine the journey into wilderness and at Tree Camp guests are given a direct encounter with that vision. Nestled in the leadwood tree canopy, this lodge is a sanctuary of elegance and simplicity. Tree Camp is a celebration of over 4 decades of our connections and kinship with the wild free roaming leopards that move through Londolozi.

Guests spend afternoons on the Tree Camp deck, champagne in hand, as elephants pass in the river below. By night, the camp glows with lanterns and rings with  conversation. In every detail and feature from the pools and  decks (salas), the Ralph Lauren inspired decor, plaited leather beds, leather sofas, to the beautiful fabrics that echo the sophisticated feeling of Africa, this exclusive camp provides a howcase of excellence. Tree Camp does not accommodate children.