Mango Safaris is proud to be a conservation based travel organization that gives back to the African communities we love so much. It has never been more important to consider the impact that your tourism dollars are making on the destination you visit. Conservation has become indelibly linked with the safari industry. The allure of Africa lies in its wild heart, so it is vital to help keep these wild places pristine and intact. A trip to Africa is no longer simply a vacation to see wildlife in a beautiful place. It’s time to start channeling our business, from camps and lodges to travel agents and travelers to conserve and protect Africa’s wilderness in a proactive and responsible way.

With each trip we create, we strive to organically incorporate conservation to create a more enriching and rewarding experience for our guests. We partner with conservation-minded companies and offer both private and group trips with a strong conservation focus. By entwining the guest experience with conservation, we create responsibly planned, wildly fun and wonderfully memorable trips.  Whether it is putting you in camps located in private concessions or having you spend the day out and about with the researchers, we aim for guests to feel the dedication Mango Safaris has to conserving Africa’s wilderness.

As one of our core business values, we add $50 per person to every trip, all of which does directly to a conservation or community based organization. In an effort to make you feel more connected to the good your donation is doing in Africa, we would love for you to know more about the organizations that your donation goes to.

Wildlife conservation has never been a more pressing global issue, with Africa squarely at the heart of it all. Pressures from poaching, trophy hunting, habitat loss and climate change are causing declines in many key African species. Donations go to support not only conservation programs, but also long-term studies that aim to develop improved conservation measures and reduced human-wildlife conflict.

The community based organizations that Mango Safaris supports focus on promoting education, sustainability, and community development. By supporting the communities that live side by side with Africa’s wildlife, we are able to reduce the likelihood that they will turn to destructive practices to supplement their income.

Check out our Conservation Safaris to find your own adventure.

In the past year, Mango Safaris has support several fantastic organizations. We are looking forward to continuing to support our preferred organizations, while seeking out great new options.

  • Lewa Wildlife Warrior Scholars Retreat (Lewa Conservancy, Kenya) – an educational conference for Kenya’s top young adult scholars aimed at creating a new generation of conservation scientists and international leaders for conservation and sustainability
  • Mara North Conservancy (Masai Mara, Kenya) – supporting efforts to keep the conservancy intact amid human-wildlife conflict for grazing rights in key wildebeest migration
  • Africa Bridge (Mbeya Region, Tanzania) – empowers orphans and women through a six tier program including education & small business loans
  • Charity Begins at Home (South Luangwa, Zambia) – drilling wells to provide clean water for communities in South Luangwa
  • Botswana Rhino Relocation & Reintroduction Project (Okavango Delta, Botswana) – transferring rhinos out of poaching-intensive South African parks into the safe haven of Botswana’s poaching-free regions
  • Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage (Nairobi, Kenya) – caring for baby elephants orphaned by poachers, including a comprehensive reintroduction program
  • Painted Dog Research Trust (Hwange, Zimbabwe) – long-term studies aimed at improving painted dog conservation, one of Africa’s most persecuted predators
  • Cheetah Conservation Fund (Otjiwarongo, Namibia) – a combined research and rehabilitation facility aimed at restoring decimated cheetah populations through reduced human-wildlife conflict and improved conservation programs

We have included brief descriptions of our favorite non-profit organizations below. If you are feeling inspired to donate more, we have included a direct link to their websites where you can get involved.