Welcome to Mango African Safaris

Mango African Safaris is a boutique tour company specializing in customized journeys to East and Southern Africa's safari destinations and the Indian Ocean. Mango's safaris are spirited adventures that touch and feel the many intangible components that make Africa magical: close encounters with wildlife, the top guides, unbridled luxury and African culture.

We return to Africa each year seeking out new properties and great experiences, continuing to expand and improve our knowledge of this enchanting continent.

We strive to promote ethical and responsible tourism. Ultimately, we hope that this will give Africa's wildlife and cultures a better chance to thrive into the future.

Whether you are watching cheetahs hunting across the Serengeti Plains, approaching a feisty black rhino on foot in Namibia or exploring the vibrant underwater world of the Indian Ocean, an unforgettable African adventure awaits.

We are excited to hear from you soon.

Mango Safaris