Marrakech, located in northwestern Morocco, has long been a city that enchanted western visitors with its mysterious intrigue and taste for opulence. Delight the senses and awaken your sense of adventure as you wander through the medieval Islamic architecture jutting up on either side of stone pathways, like canyons sheltering the street vendors that hock fragrant spices and delicately beaded slippers. Glimpse peeks of the rugged mountain setting while you roam the labyrinth of ancient alleys in search of lavish spas, designer boutiques and delectable cuisine from world-class chefs. Or go 'souking', venture into the world of a true Marrakesh native as you explore the Rue Souk Semarine where mule carts jostle along the old quarter's roads and stalls flow over with vibrant textiles, tinkling metal lanterns, stacks of carpets and hand painted ceramics. After you've practiced the art of haggling for the perfect artisan-crafted souvenirs, immerse yourself in clouds of aromatic steam rising from food carts that are clamoring with hungry locals.