The Atlas Mountains range across most of Morocco, acting as a natural barrier between the Sahara Desert and the coastal regions. Dusty red valleys with desert shrubbery and palm groves growing out of every crevice sit between the jagged ridges that rise on either side in a dramatic and beautiful landscape. The scenery is made even more striking when the peaks are blanketed in brilliant white snow. Densely clustered villages cling to the valley walls, creating pops of striking geometric contrast against the rugged setting. Hiking trails wind along the craggy mountainsides, offering unprecedented views of the stunning vistas, which are also perfect for landscape photography.

The range is home to a unique array of species that are not part of the usual African sightings. Many endangered and rare species thrive here, including Barbary Macaque, Barbary Leopard, Barbary stag, Barbary sheep, Barbary Mountain Badger, Cuvier's Gazelle, Northern Bald Ibis, dippers, Atlas mountain viper, Atlas cedar, Algerian oak and European black pine.

A collection of small mountain retreats offer guests a relaxing stay an adventurous day hikes in an absolutely beautiful setting that blends the best views of mountains with the coveted warm Mediterranean climate.