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Ubuntu Camp - South

Serengeti NCCA, Tanzania

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Ubuntu is a great migration chasing camp in the Serengeti. The tents are simple and comfortable. The locations excellent. This is the way to experience the Serengeti ecosystem.

Ubuntu Camps travel with the natural flow of the wildebeest migration through the Serengeti ecosystem. From the dramatic river crossings in the north to the fertile grasslands in the south where the wildebeest give birth, the camp is set up nearby to ensure you’re always close to the action. "Ubuntu" refers to the human characteristics of generosity, consideration and humaneness towards others in the community and is a word that suits this small, intimate camp.

The camp is a seasonal facility of eight tents with two lounge and dining tents. The intimate camp is designed to reach key areas of wildlife activity but still provide comfortable and relaxing accommodation. The camp is lightweight enough to move seasonally but it also offers a guests a great place to rest, dine and enjoy the landscape. Each tent is either a double or a twin (triples available), with flush toilets, running water and safari hot showers in en-suite bathrooms. 

The Southern Plains of the Serengeti are home to huge wildebeest and zebra herds during the months of December-late March. The famous migration is a dynamic process of herd animals following the rains and the grasses in a clockwise direction, crossing from the Maasai Mara into the Serengeti. Amazingly, about 80 percent of the females calve within the same 4 to 5 week period, creating a glut for predators and thus enabling more calves to survive the crucial first few weeks. As well as the herds that make up the migration, there are also wild dogs, cheetahs, bat eared foxes, serval cats, hyenas, elephants, giraffe, very good birdlife.

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