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Berenty Lodge

Berenty Reserve, Madagascar

Mango Opinion

3 hour drive from airport on so so road. Lots to see passing through nice landscape and villages. Rooms are simple, no a/c. Ceiling fans but go off at 10pm. Hot in rooms but can't leave windows open because the lemurs will come in.

In the morning there were lemurs everywhere. Ring tailed and sifika. Very friendly. Food was good, lemurs hang out by dining area and have to wathc your food. Walks in forest nearby were flat and nice. Walk in spiny forest was interesting but hot.

Loved Berenty...great for families.

Berenty Lodge is located in the spiny desert, where lemurs abound - making for a playful environment. There are 12 spacious wooden chalets with air conditioning and en-suite bathrooms featuring a toilet and shower. They have been designed with the delicate environment in mind to help minimize the lodge's impact. The main lodge is simple but has a pleasant tea garden where afternoons can be spent watching the mischievous ring tailed lemurs or dancing sifakas. Also at the main lodge, visitors may make use of the bar and restaurant, which specializes in traditional Malagasy style foods. The chef uses delicious, fresh seafood that was caught locally that same day. 

The area offers a chance to get an insight into the local Antandroy culture of the region. Visit a local art museum to see Malagasy artworks, or tour the sisal factory, which produces stiff twine fibers from the agave cactus. The Berenty Reserve offers many impressive creatures to see aside from just the iconic lemurs. While hiking through the dense forest, keep an eye out for snakes winding up trees, vibrant parrots swooping around the canopy and many other beautiful birds hiding in the lush vegetation. The favorite pasttime at Berenty however, are the bouncing lemurs that while wild, are habituated to humans and will wander about very near to humans, making for great photo opportunities. These lemurs are an iconic creature endemic to the island of Madagascar and considered a must-see while visiting. 

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