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Maison Gallieni

Antananarivo, Madagascar

Mango Opinion

This is an amazing high end boutique option for Tana. The staff makes you feel at home right away. The meals are amazing!

Perched on the hill of Faravohitra overlooking the city, the Maison Gallieni is ideally situated in Antananarivo. It was built in 1879 on the site of a granite quarry and used to house the first bank created in Madagascar. Located in the historic heart of the Malagasy capital, it offers a spectacular view overlooking the town. From your room, you can hear the bells of Faravohitra Cathedral chiming throughout the day.

The intimate maison includes only 4 bedrooms, giving visitors an exclusive and home-like atmosphere the moment they walk inside. Each of the rooms is equipped with air-conditioning, a flat screen TV, a safe, and WIFI. Guests can also enjoy the indoor and outdoor lounges and small heated swimming pool during their stay. This is the perfect place to relax during your stay. The delicious home-made breakfasts are a fabulous way to start the day.

Antananarivo is full of history and culture. As the largest city on the island of Madagascar, it has been an economic and political hub since well before colonization. In the city and in the surrounding areas, all eighteen of the Malagasy ethnic groups can be found providing a rich exploratory experience. Surrounding the city are three ridges that intersect at their highest point. The Manjakamiadana royal palace is located at the summit of these hills and is visible from every part of the city and the surrounding hills. And the city skyline is a jumble of colorful, historic houses and churches.

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