Mango Highlight Trips

If you are interested in going on a wildlife safari for the first time, the question usually starts with where? We have created these highlight trips to demonstrate how we think these areas shine over a range of seasons with different levels of luxury. 

East Africa

When people first dream about going on a wildlife safari, the images that are conjured into their minds are the wide open savannahs of East Africa. Here you can gaze out into the landscape and your field of vision is filled with wide open spaces, grasses waving in the wind and all the animals who make their home here. In one view, you can see thousands of animals from wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, impala, buffalo, gazelles and all the predators who are never far behind. This is where the lions rule the grasslands and cheetah are in their element reaching top speeds chasing down their next meal. 

There are also beautiful mountains, diverse cultures and an incredible coastline that further define this region. If this is what you are envisioning for your safari experience, read on. 

Southern Africa

When people ask us where is our favorite place to go on safari, it is hard not to start talking about Botswana. The Okavango Delta, Linyanti Wetlands and Chobe National Park form the densely populated wildlife paradise that defines northern Botswana. Big river systems, woodlands and the delta system supports Africa's most dense elephant populations.  This pristine world is at the back door of Victoria Falls and a short flight to Cape Town, Africa's most cosmopollitan city. This combination creates a diverse and magical experience in this special region. 


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