This safari itinerary is all about experiencing the wildebeest and zebra migration while exposing the magical people, jaw dropping landscapes and open grasslands that define East Africa. Each year millions of wildebeest and zebra rove the Serengeti/Masai Mara ecosystem in search of food and water. This is one of the most fascinating and large-scale migrations on the planet and it takes your breath away to sit amongst these herds and soak in the power and beauty of nature. Read More


11 Nights - $19,200

Giraffes join you for breakfast. View Rhinos in the wildlife dense Lewa conservancy.  Enjoy an intimate setting in the Mara North.  Chill out and snorkel one of the Indian Ocean's best beaches. East Africa cannot shine much brighter than this.

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11 Nights - $12,225

This itinerary visits some real rock star properties. Soak up a warm dose of Kenyan hospitality in the Samburu region. Continue to the Masai Mara to stay at a perfectly located camp. The first is inside the reserve close to the famed river crossings. Next visit the northern Serengeti for more wildilfe action. Dust off on Zanzibar for a few days relaxing after an adventurous safari.

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12 Nights - $8,225

This is a great experience of East Africa - rhino sanctuaries, river crossings and Swahili culture. Same story as the gold and platinum versions but stripped down to really solid little properties who are less fussed about luxury, swimming pools and bath tubs. Delicious food, clean, nice rooms and guiding remain top notch.

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Priority: Date/High Season

High season is generally Africa’s winter time when you will rarely see rain. During these dry, typically cooler months the grasses get eaten down on the savannahs, the deciduous trees lose their leaves, so the viewing into the bush is more open. Animals come together in higher concentrations at the remaining permanent sources of water. The rain forests are always lush but hiking is a less muddy affair.

Expectantly, during these ideal game viewing conditions prices rise. This is the most expensive time of the year to travel.