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12 Nights - $26,995

Privately guided touring of Cape Town's iconic sites, a hip luxury hotel and two legendary safari lodges during the height of their prime season create this spectacular itinerary. Of course, this comes with all the extra bells and whistles like professional camera and lenses for each guest’s complementary use at Zarafa. Mombo offers an unforgetable experience.  Finish in pure relaxation and luxury along the Zambezi river.   

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12 Nights - $19,975

Enjoy attentive service at one of Cape Town's finest hotels.   Then it is a combination of two intimate camps - one set in the heart of the Okavango and one in the Linyanti. The two camps work together to create a truly memorable wildlife safari during the prime season to explore Botswana.  Finish this with a lovely location set on the Zambezi River just upstream from the falls.  It's a perfect trip!

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12 Nights - $13,350

In a word, this itinerary is crafty. By making a few key adjustments, we can offer a more affordable but still impressive experience of this dynamic region in high season. A charming boutique hotel in the heart of Cape Town makes a lovely base to explore the surrounding sites.  Fly into the Okavanago Delta where the two camps we have suggested offer some of the best wildlife viewing in Botswana.  Finish at a lovely historic hotel in Victoria Falls.

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Priority: Date/High Season

High season is generally Africa’s winter time when you will rarely see rain. During these dry, typically cooler months the grasses get eaten down on the savannahs, the deciduous trees lose their leaves, so the viewing into the bush is more open. Animals come together in higher concentrations at the remaining permanent sources of water. The rain forests are always lush but hiking is a less muddy affair.

Expectantly, during these ideal game viewing conditions prices rise. This is the most expensive time of the year to travel.