The oldest largest national park in Zambia, Kafue until just a few years ago, was a pretty empty place in terms of visitors. Recently there have been some great camps opening up and the wildlife densities increasing to attract new interest.

Like pretty much all of Zambia the park is seasonal with the best times to go being during the dry season July through October. The Kafue River splits the south and north parts of the park. In the south, the area to see the most wildlife is on the Busanga Flood Plains in the north sections of the park. Even in dry season this can be flooded requiring guest to take thrilling helicopter transfer to and from camp.

Wildlife here is highly diverse as there are said to be over 150 species of mammals recorded. Of these there are over 15 species of antelope, more than any place else on earth along with buffalo, zebra and more than 400 bird species . Also prevalent are lions - sometime found in trees, leopard and cheetah. Wild dogs are also spotted as well. Elephant numbers are starting to recover after years of heavy poaching.