Still a destination largely off the radar of the wider safari world, Zambia is home to the original walking safari. With vast national parks and limited numbers of visitors, you will often feel like you have the bush entirely to yourself. Venture out on foot with your expert guide as he shares his encyclopedic knowledge of the bush, tracking wildlife by reading the clues left behind on the earth or spend the morning trying to see as many species of birds as possible as you move silently through the landscape.

The country is home to the mighty Zambezi River, which you can explore on boating or canoeing safaris. Feel the mist on your face as take in the magnificence of the iconic Victoria Falls, known locally as ‘the smoke that thunders’. Gain an aerial perspective with a microlite flight, raft through the whitewater canyons below the falls or sip cocktails on a sunset river cruise above the falls.

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