As the bridge between Africa and Europe, Morocco is a fascinating blend of African, Arabic, European and Berber influences that is readily felt throughout its culture, history and people’s daily lives. Sample local cuisine so delectable it will have you buying your own tagine and arsenal of spices from the souks to take back home. Hike through the snowcapped Atlas Mountains or explore the hidden villages and fertile valleys strewn with olive groves that lie between.

Wander the meandering alleyways of a souk lined with stalls piled high with artisan goods…locally tanned leather, hand-woven carpets and elaborately embellished shoes. Follow your nose to carts wafting aromatic steam as streets chefs hawk their specialties. Explore ancient mosques and forlorn relics etched with the daily visits of thousands of worshippers.

Escape into a bygone era with the intricate floor to ceiling mosaics, shimmering chandeliers and oversized palms of your riad. Sip mint tea and inhale the air scented by orange blossoms on your rooftop as the sun sets over the city. Embrace your early explorer as you venture to the heart of the Sahara where a luxurious desert encampment awaits. Lose yourself as your gaze at the endless stars arcing overhead in the crystal-clear desert air.

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