Cairo is Egypt's sprawling capital city and Africa's largest city, home to 20 million people. Though thriving in modern times, it dates back to Ancient Egypt when it founded in 969 AD during the Fatimid Dynasty. A intriguing and at times chaotic blend of ancient and modern, this city is home to several of Egypt's most interesting sites. Most famously, the Pyramids of Giza loom tall against the skyline of the city, rising from the flat desert expanse like sentinels watching over the city. Delve into the heart of these mysterious structures or take them in from the back of a camel.
Immerse yourself into the country's many millennia of history with guided tours of the National Egyptian Museum and Grand Egyptian Museum, which displays countless artifacts, mummies of pharaohs and other antiquities.
Step into the wonderful hustle and bustle of Cairo's Khan Al Khalili, a collection of shops nestled into a maze of alleyways and courtyards.
Intricate lanterns hang from the eaves, semi-precious stones glitter on display, hand-painted ceramics are carefully stacked and colorful textiles drape over stalls. Step into the earliest realms of Christianity in Egypt with a visit to the Coptic Museum where numerous frescoes, galleries and relics are housed.