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Okavango Delta, Botswana

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Skybeds is not for everyone, especially if you prefer a full camp with all the amenities. However, for those seeking something unique, closer to the bush, in a truly wild setting, Skybeds is quite compelling. From the dinner at sunset, to having drinks with campfire stories, to the amazing starry skies as you sleep away the night, this is a special experience.

Skybeds is located deep within the Khwai Private Reserve. As the name suggests, this is no ordinary safari camp. Each “room” is actually a three-story raised platform, overlooking the wildlife-spotted plains of Khwai. Charmingly rustic yet perfectly stylish, you’ll find a bathroom with flushing loo on the first floor, a dressing area, and the ultimate cherry on the top floor - an enormous double bed, draped in white linens and a feather duvet that's completely open to the stars. With only three Skybeds, the camp accommodates just six guests making it one of the most intimate camps in Botswana.

Sleeping under the stars in the heart of the bush isn’t something you do every day, and we wanted to keep the experience as exclusive as possible. After all, it’s not quite the same with 100 people snoring next to you. As a result, there are only three Skybeds sleeping a total of six people, and, just as importantly, each one is perfectly private from the next.

With such spectacular skies overhead, you could be forgiven for forgetting about what’s happening down below. But keep one eye on the ground, for the Skybeds overlook a busy waterhole, which is the only permanent water source for 2000 hectares. The waterhole is frequented by 400 bull elephants, along with lion, leopard, zebra, and more, making for some pretty outstanding game viewing straight from your platform. While we can’t guarantee you’ll get much sleep, we can guarantee one of the wildest and most wonderful safari experiences you’ll ever have.

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