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Masoala Forest Lodge

Masoala National Park, Madagascar

Mango Opinion

This remote lodge puts you into a special location with incredible birding and the chance to see Aye Aye. This is the wettest place in Madagascar so timing is important.

Masoala Forest Lodge is nestled between pristine rainforest and coral rich sea, accessible only by boat, designed as an eco-haven to touch lightly on earth and allow an intimate experience of this unique environment and all the diverse species that call it home. Nature lovers will be in paradise here. The pristine rainforest is home to an impressive array of endemic flora and fauna, including the red-ruffed lemurs, brown lemurs, and some of Madagascar's best bird watching.

The seven palm thatched tree-houses are elevated on stilted wooden platforms, to provide uninterrupted views of forest canopy and sea and allowing visitors to experience the forest from the perspective of the lemurs and birds. This elevation from the undergrowth is also luxurious and maximizes privacy and natural ventilation from all sides. Inside the tent, the furnishing and layout is an exercise in restrained luxury and sophisticated design, providing all creature comforts without excess.

From the comfort of the lodge you explore the wildlife and beauty of this natural paradise with activities including forest walks, snorkeling, kayaking, traditional pirogues, swimming in the sea and the crystal clear streams, whale watching, fishing and experiencing sustainable life in the rainforest with the local Malagasy community.

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