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Lazuli Dahabiya

Luxor, Egypt

Dahabiya sailboats are specific to Egypt, built in the 19th century to enable Pashas and wealthy Egyptian merchants to easily travel around the country. Later on, they were used by adventurer travelers, archaeologists, writers (including Mark Twain) and artists who wanted to explore the Nile.

The Lazuli fleet today consists of 3 Dahabiyas, built identically to its ancestors to preserve the character of Lazuli: simplicity, luxury and comfort. Available as a private charter, they're capable of accommodating 10 to 12 passengers for exclusive use, which is great for families or groups of friends. Driven by two elegant sails, the Lazuli Dahabiya allows its passengers to discover the forgotten archaeological treasures built along the Nile and meet authentic local Egyptians on their home turf.

The cabins are simple but stylish, equipped with a bathroom with private toilet. Each evening, dinner is provided on deck by candlelight under the stars. While on board, guests can spend time on the upper deck watching the landscape go buy, eat delicious dishes specially prepared by the chef or simply enjoy the joy of idleness.

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