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Damaraland Camp

Damaraland, Namibia

Silver price level

Mango Opinion

This is a great camp to experience desert adapated elephants while exploring the ephemeral river valleys, take great walks or hikes, and visit the local community. It is stylish little camp in a beautiful setting.  A highlight of this camp is that the staff is mostly comprised of local community members that have worked at the camp for years!

Situated on the northern face of the Huab River Valley and looking south toward the imposing Brandberg Mountains, Damaraland Camp offers its guests endless vistas. Early morning mists generated by the clash between the icy Atlantic Ocean and the warm desert air of the Skeleton Coast, drift inland along the river sand canyon, providing sustenance to the flora and fauna of the region. This comfortable and friendly camp offers walks and drives in one of the best wilderness areas in Namibia.

The camp has ten spacious chalets each with an en-suite bathroom including flush toilet and shower with hot and cold running water. The chalets are comfortable; constructed of canvas, wood, and adobe.   They are raised up on a low decking,  each having a private patio offering great views along the valley.  The central area, under a high thatched roof includes a small library, the dining area, a welcoming fireplace and a small curio shop.   Just a short walk from the main area is a lovely open campfire to be enjoyed on calm evenings. A feature of the camp is the unique rock pool.

Activities throughout the area are in 4x4 vehicles and on foot.  Although wildlife is not concentrated, Damaraland Camp is situated where the rare desert elephant roams, alongside gemsbok (oryx), kudo, springbok, Hartman's mountain zebra, southern giraffe as well as over 240 bird species including ostrich.