Known for their impressive ivory tusks and agile trunk work, the elephant is certainly a star of the show when it comes to going on a safari in Africa. Long known as the largest walking animal on earth, you will be amazed to see these gentle giants silently meander their way through the waterways and plains in search of their next drink or meal. Requiring upwards of 200 kg of food per day, the elephants hunger seems constant, and is most likely the reasoning behind their vast territories. Observe the delicate family structure that exists within the herd, and notice the matriarch as she keeps all of her kin in line and on the move. Communicating through a series of subsonic rumbles and trumpet calls, the elephant is a brilliant animal that seems to have almost human emotions and communication abilities. While the threat of poaching is constant, more and more wildlife areas are employing armed details of soldiers to combat poachers and protect these magnificent creatures for generations to come. While one of the traits that the elephant is known for is an incredible memory, seeing the beauty of these beasts in the wild is something that you will likely never forget. Check out these itineraries and travel to the heart of elephant country.

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