The iconic Mt. Kilimanjaro sits in northeastern Tanzania, and boasts several impressive titles including tallest free-standing mountain in the world and tallest peak in Africa. Its three volcanic cones dramatically rise 19,341 feet from the game-rich coastal scrubland to create an incredible backdrop for a safari. Climbers from around the world flock to its base in hopes of summitting its remarkably accessible peak.

The trek up the mountain takes usually 5-8 nights and is one of the most sought after outdoor accomplishments in the world. The climb is not technical but rather requires good endurance in this high altitude setting. We often book climbs that have oxygen assistance equipment included to help you make sure to summit. Hikers ascend through the layers of habitat that cling to the side of the majestic mountain, starting in the tropical warmth, through to the alpine realms and ending in the frigid polar conditions of snow and ice.Those not wishing to take on the climb can visit the are to do some shorter hikes and cultural activities.

The Kilimanjaro Airport is just a one hour drive away, and the city of Arusha is just 80 miles away. Access to the area is via road or chartered flight. Mostly primitive huts and campsites dot the mountainside, but there are hotels and campsites just outside of the park in the towns like Moshi for a bit more comfort, though most opt to spend nights on arrival back in Arusha.

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