The Madikwe Game Reserve sits in central northern South Africa, directly along the border with Botswana. Its ecosystem is a fascinating blend between the arid Kalahari to its west and the lowveld bushlands to its east. This means the area is able support species from both habitats, making the reserve a wonderfully diverse site for game viewing. Volcanic intrusions, sweeping plains, river banks and rich diversity of plant life within the boundaries also help host a wide array of wildlife. Amid the vast herds of grazing antelope, visitors can see lions, leopards, buffalo, myriad bird species and both black and white rhinos.

There is a wide array of lodges sprinkled throughout the game reserve, each offering a unique experience of wildlife viewing. Several major roads bring travelers to the area, each marked by a gate when crossing the boundaries. Within the park, a network of roads allow game drive vehicles to traverse the landscape and access the best wildlife areas. In addition to the usual daytime game drives and bush walks, there are also nighttime ventures available. The plains take on a different life at night and can offer a memorable and unexpected twist from the wildlife's daytime activities.

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