A land of contrasts, Namibia is a destination of unexpected experiences set against stunning desert landscapes. Drift over a sea of endless dunes in a hot air balloon as first light illuminates the rippling waves of orange below. Hike to the top of the tallest dune before running down the other side into the Dead Vlei, a petrified lake known for its stark beauty. Track rare black rhinos on foot or explore oases and discover the unique desert-adapted wildlife drawn to the promise of water. Watch cheetahs in an all-out sprint at the Cheetah Conservation Fund or go birdwatching along the coast where flocks gather in the thousands. Venture to the far north and visit a remote Himba village, meeting the nomadic herdsmen known for their distinctive use of red clay on their hair and body.

Spend an afternoon around one of the famed Etosha waterholes, teeming with animals gathered from across the national park. See as the herds of springbok and ostrich part to make way for elephants covered in a thick later of ghostly white mud. Take in the sight of a lone oryx climbing a dune, the twin spires of its horns silhouetted in the dusk light. Sip on cocktails around the campfire of your luxury camp as a canopy of a million stars stretches overhead. Visit sleepy coastal towns and peruse boutique shops for local art or sample the freshly caught seafood served in charming cafes. 

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