Central Kalahari Game Reserve is a huge reserve located in central Botswana within the Kalahari Desert. It is huge at over 20,000 square miles or over twice the size of Massachusetts. Despite its size, the reserve attracts very few visitors compared to more popular areas in Botswana.

During the dry season from July through October the landscape is parched and very much lives up to its name. The main attractions are desert adapted species like oryx, springbok and kudu. Lion and cheetah are also common as the main predators.

During the green season November through April, the area receives its only rainfall. The influx of moisture transforms the landscape from brown and barren to lush and green. The grasses explode and attract migratory herds from the Okavango and Chobe areas in search of fresh grazing. The predators tend to be following along looking for meals. Wildlife is still a bit scattered compared to more prolific safari areas, but this is the time of year we recommend most people visit.

This area is also the San Bushman home area. For all who visit we recommend taking the opportunity to interact with locals as this can be a huge highlight. Most camps here employ bushman guides who are adept at relating some of their unique culture while taking guests on guided walks.

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