Top 10 Trips of 2021

After an intense year, travel is the escape you need right now. With numerous promising vaccines now on the market, we can once again dive head first into planning trips to dreamy far-away destinations.

Have you missed the thrill of anticipation and excitement leading up to a trip? The moment you first step off a plane in a new country - full of possibility and experiences waiting to be had? The rush of new sights, smells and sounds engulfing your senses and setting your soul on fire?

We know we have. 

In honor of travel planning being back on the table, we have created our Top 10 Trips of 2021 - ten gorgeous adventures crafted for the times. You may notice more single country itineraries than in past years' selections. This is because we have adapted for the current circumstances, opting for itineraries that minimize the hassle of border crossings and additional testing requirements by staying in one country and exploring all it has to offer. These are all about a more relaxed pace of travel and diving deeper into these amazing destinations. 

 So dig those suitcases out of storage, charge your camera batteries and brush the dust off your passport because travel is BACK! 


TOP 10 TRIPS OF 2021


South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya & Egypt 

Why this itinerary is great...

  • For those seeking to experience a little of everything this diverse continent has to offer, it doesn't get better than our Cape to Cairo itinerary
  • Discover Cape Town with our curated private touring, see the majestic Victoria Falls and meet the extraordinary wildlife of the Okavango Delta
  • Have brunch at the famed Giraffe Manor and experience magnificent wildlife displays on the plains of the Masai Mara
  • Delve into the ancient riches of Egypt, from the Pyramids of Giza to the relics of the National Museum



Kenya & Tanzania

Why this itinerary is great...

  • East Africa is a region steeped in warm hospitality and intimate camps, making it perfect a family safari you’ll talk about for years to come
  • Family tents and private houses let you experience the magic of Africa together, while still giving everyone their own space
  • Have brunch with giraffes poking their head through the window and marvel as elephants drink from your private pool
  • Watch lion cubs play together and go snorkeling in warm tropical waters in Zanzibar




Why this itinerary is great...

  • Discover Africa’s premier great ape and monkey destination on this journey privately guided by one of our world-class hand picked guides
  • Explore little known Akagera National Park, a land of fertile savannah and lakeside forests home to lion, leopard, rhino and other safari classics
  • Venture deep into the heart of Rwanda’s dense Nyungwe Forest where wild chimpanzees and rare colobus monkeys thrive
  • Trek through the misty volcanic slopes to meet families of highly endangered mountain gorillas and golden monkeys


South Africa, Botswana & Zimbabwe

Why this itinerary is great...

  • Experience the best of Cape Town with a stay in a luxurious private villa overlooking the ocean and curated private touring
  • Delve into the heart of the famed Okavango Delta where the diversity and abundance of wildlife is simply outstanding
  • Stay in two of the most coveted and legendary camps in Botswana, both located in the best game viewing areas the delta has to offer
  • Explore a classic safari bushveld where elephants and predators rule the land with a stay in Zimbabwe's trendiest private house



Why this itinerary is great...

  • The abundant wildlife, stunning camps, fascinating landscapes and sense of true wilderness make Botswana a Mango Safaris favorite
  • Discover the many facets of the Okavango Delta, the crown jewel in a country already marvelously rich in natural wonders
  • Be ready for world-class guiding, access to the best wildife habitats and activities that deliver big on experience and memorability
  • Stay in three stunning camps that bring the perfect contrast of luxury, comfort and service to this wild setting




Why this itinerary is great...

  • Immerse into the diversity of Tanzania's landscapes, wildlife and cultures with The Great Migration as the highlight of the itinerary
  • The variety and quality of activities packed into this trip are truly outstanding, including some Mango Favorites
  • Go on a highland walk with a Masai guide, visit the Ol Duvai Gorge - the cradle of mankind, and tour a coffee plantation in the Ngorongoro hills
  • Experience the migration birthing season when thousands of wildebeest babies are born within a few weeks



Why this itinerary is great...

  • Zimbabwe offers travelers so many iconic experiences from spectacular wildlife to the majestic Victoria Falls
  • Venturing from north to south, this itinerary celebrates all the highlights this beautiful nation has to offer
  • Watch lions, cheetahs and other safari icons in the classic bushveld of Hwange and feel the mist on your face from the thundering falls
  • Watch elephants on a boating safari in Mana Pools and finish your trip in style with an ultra-luxurious stay at Singita Pamushana



Why this itinerary is great...

  • Escorted throughout by your own private Egyptologist, with exclusive access to the famous sites and a luxurious Nile cruise
  • Delve into Cairo's endless highlights, including a private sunrise visit to the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx and the National Museum
  • Visit the wonders of Luxor, including the sprawling Karnak Temple and a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings and Queens
  • Cruise back in time as you explore the fascinating communities that have thrived on the banks of the Nile River for millennia


Republic of Congo

Why this itinerary is great...

  • In the heart of the continent lies a hidden jewel of ancient rainforests, winding rivers, lush swamps and mineral-rich bais
  • Trek to see the habituated lowland Odzala gorillas and spend hours sitting beside the bais watching the parade of wildlife stopping by
  • Take to the rivers to delve deeper into the Congo basin and truly soak in the wild magic of this Eden
  • Let this land reveal her rare secrets to you - forest elephants, bongos, bush pigs, swirling flocks of colorful parrots and so much more



Why this itinerary is great...

  • Madagascar is a country truly unlike any other place on Earth and a must-go for any wildlife lovers or photographers
  • The country’s biodiversity is a celebration of the extraordinary and bizarre, and the landscapes aren't far behind
  • Lemurs leap through the treetops, chameleons tiptoe along and the turquoise seas teem with turtles, manta rays, whale sharks and dolphins
  • From bungalows hidden in the rainforest to an ultra-luxurious island finale and private planes throughout, this is the best of the best

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