Featured Favorite: Faru Faru Lodge

Faru Faru Lodge

Serengeti Grumeti Reserve, Tanzania

Who it’s best for:

Luxury travelers, wildlife lovers, conservationists, photographers and families


Game drives, walking safaris, community visits, private Maasai dance sundowners, spa treatments, anti-poaching observation post visit and hot air balloon rides

Why we love it:

To put it simply, Faru Faru Lodge is a masterpiece in the art of safari. From the utterly flawless service and the attention to detail to the outstanding commitment to conservation, Faru Faru delivers one of the best experiences in the whole of Africa.

A Private Eden
Set in the heart of the private Serengeti Grumeti Reserve, guests have access to 350,000 acres of prime wildlife habitat. The reserve is contiguous to the ecosystem of the national park and covers a large section of its western corridor. The lodge is one of just five Singita-run properties in this vast reserve, so the experience remains incredibly exclusive and uncrowded, a rare commodity in the popular Serengeti.

Imagine exploring a savannah stretching to the horizon and teeming with wildlife without a single other vehicle in sight. Giraffes bob gracefully across the land like wildflowers in the breeze. Zebras and wildebeest mill about, nibbling on the tender shoots of grass. Cheetahs rest daintily on their perches, scanning their territory. Large herds of elephants meander lazily across the plains while the babies romp about. When you stay at Faru Faru, this entire Eden is your private playground.

Under management by the Singita Grumeti Fund since 2003, this area is one of the most impressive long-term conservation efforts on the continent. Once badly degraded by uncontrolled illegal poaching, large stands of invasive plants and rampant wildfires, the ecosystem has been revitalized by years of holistic, adaptive management. Plains game reside in impressive numbers year-round, as do the plethora of predators drawn to the abundance. Around June, nearly the entirety of the Great Migration passes through the Grumeti area, creating a private viewing spectacular of millions of wildebeest and zebra just for guests of the reserve.

If you have the time, we highly recommend visiting the anti-poaching unit to learn about the incredible efforts they make every day to keep the reserve safe. You can spend time with their tracker dogs, visit the boma where rhinos are kept during conservation efforts, see one of the outposts where rangers are stationed and hear about their daily routines. It’s well worth it to gain a deeper insight and appreciation for the level of dedication these teams have.

Beyond the usual game drives and walking safaris – which are just as excellent as you’d expect with a lodge of this caliber – Faru Faru offers a few other activities that make your stay wonderfully special and memorable. We’ve already talked about seeing the anti-poaching unit, but you can also visit with the local community for a taste of life as a Maasai. Having lived in the Serengeti for more than 600 years, their cultural heritage is rich and absolutely fascinating. Dance and song play a central role in their culture, and experiencing it is very memorable, especially when paired with a private sundowner.

For an extra special morning, take to the skies for a sunrise hot air balloon ride. It’s one of the few ways to truly take in the magnificence of this sprawling, ancient land. Watch as the herds of the Great Migration ebb and flow below you. Spot lions and cheetahs lounging in the long grass. Marvel at the endless plains as the golden light of sunrise illuminates the land. As you drift along silently, the wildlife is undisturbed by you, offering a rare glimpse into their hidden lives. End by touching down to a private champagne brunch set up just for you.

Where Every Moment Sings
To stay at Faru Faru Lodge is to experience the height of hospitality. A part of the Singita collection of lodges, the brand is named for the Shangaan word for ‘miracle’. They’ve embraced this as a guiding principle, melding it into every moment and every detail of your stay.

From the moment you land at the private airstrip to the moment you depart the experience is utterly flawless – a perfectly coordinated masterpiece in service. They read every guest, then deliver the exact right amount of service to suit you. They pour juuust the right amount of wine at just the right time, give you juuust the right type of magic to make your stay memorable, give you juuust enough attention so you always feel cared for without feeling overbearing. They’ve pre-thought of everything that you could ever want so that every facet comes together to be effortlessly perfect.

Thoughtful touches are sprinkled throughout your stay, with new ones on every day so it never feels formulaic. Beautifully crafted little gifts are left in your suite. Meals are served in new spots throughout the lodge’s many lovely spaces. Surprise sundowners and campfires are set-up in one of the many picturesque spots around the reserve. Bubble baths are drawn and ready for you after a chilly morning game drive. Unexpected experiences are woven into your activities. No matter how long your stay is, every day feels uniquely special.

Perched on the edge of a forested canyon, Faru Faru Lodge is a haven of tranquility and luxury. The design achieved the perfect balance between placing the natural beauty of the Serengeti at the forefront while also standing out itself. Recently reimagined for a new generation of safaris, every stone from the former structures was reused in the new build, in line with their strong commitment to sustainability.

Peeking out from a glen of mature forest, the lodge is handsome and striking. Clean lines and neutral colors give it an unmistakably modern feel, but organic materials echo the wild beauty of the surrounding bush. Large windows and high ceilings create a bright and airy atmosphere that seamlessly brings the outdoors inside. Every suite has panoramic views of the bush and the countless animals that wander by to visit the lodge’s water hole. Sip cocktails in your private lounge, indulge with a relaxing spa treatment or unwind with a bath while watching out for the rare colobus monkeys that leap through the canyon’s treetops.

Handcrafted pieces throughout the design lend themselves to the new luxury of travel, where the local culture is celebrated to create an authentic sense of place. From handwoven baskets to carved masks, the attention to detail is apparent. Even the bath products are uniquely blended specially for Faru Faru Lodge using African botanicals. You feel Tanzania in every element.

From the soap you wash your hands with to the signature cocktails you sip during sundowners, the entire Faru Faru experience is impeccably curated. As we said, it’s a masterpiece in the art of safari. A stay here is bound to be one of the most memorable and exquisite trips of your life. Come experience the miracle for yourself.

Visit Faru Faru Lodge for Yourself

A lodge as extraordinary as Faru Faru needs to be in an itinerary with equally fabulous properties. Our Highlights of East Africa (platinum level, shoulder season) pairs it with time at Sasaab and Mara Plains Camp in Kenya and a grand finale on Zanzibar at White Sands.

Why this itinerary is great:

Immerse into the otherworldly beauty of Samburu land in the Laikipia Plateau and see the rare Northern Five animals at Sasaab
Stay at another world-class conservation-based operation in the famed Maasai Mara where an outstanding classic safari experience awaits at Mara Plains Camp
Experience the signature effortless perfection of Singita at Faru Faru Lodge in the heart of the Seregenti
Reflect on your trip of a lifetime on the idyllic beaches and turquoise seas at the stunning White Sands resort on the island of Zanzibar

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