Casey and the Fam do the Laikipia Plateau!

The next stop on my family’s travels through Kenya was the Laikia Plateau region, specifically the Ol Jogi Conservancy and Segera Retreat. Simply put, this region is absolutely stunning. As the high plateau of Africa’s Great Rift Valley, this area is a sprawling woody plain with dramatic rocky hills scattered about and beautiful views of Mt Kenya in the distance. Home to a collection of expansive private conservancies and national game reserves, there are plenty of different options for travelers to explore and stay at.

One of the aspects that makes this northern reach of Kenya so special are the unique wildlife that call it home. Located just above the equator, travelers have the chance to see animals such as gerenuks (a peculiar antelope), Grevy’s zebras, reticulated giraffes and Somali ostriches. Beyond these endemic creatures, this is also one of the best safari destinations in East Africa to see rhinos, thanks to numerous successful conservation projects operating across the reserves.

Staying in this region is just as much of a treat as the safari experiences are. With a great selection of small, intimate properties, there is an option for every travel style. With some properties available for exclusive use, we strongly recommend the Laikipia Plateau for families or friends traveling together. While we were there, we stayed at Segera Retreat and Ol Jogi Conservancy – both of which we loved!

We also love the variety of activities available beyond the standard wildlife safari options. You can stop by a rhino conservation project and learn about their efforts; visit art sites; indulge in spa experiences at your camp/lodge (property dependent); experience tribal culture and participate in traditional activities; visit the gardens; go for a horseback riding safari; try a sleepout under the stars; participate in a walking safari; and enjoy bush picnics amid the beautiful scenery.

My daughter loved getting to bottle feed one of the orphaned rhinos, test our her culinary skills with a cooking lesson and watch a traditional dance performance. Of course the pools were well-tested out and received the kid seal of approval.

With so many options available to you, this creates an engaging and exciting destination that is perfect for families. No matter the age of your children, there is a perfect camp for your family. Don’t worry – we’ve done the legwork with our own families and can recommend the best of the best to you!