Brian Takes Tanzania: Part Two

Kwihala Camp, Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

Personally I have been looking forward to visiting Ruaha National Park for a long time. I had heard about the vast unspoiled wilderness that offers a great variety of landscapes and ecosystems to see. Everything from mountains, great granite rock kopjes, vast open plains, heavily treed woodlands, and riverine vistas are all present. Along with this there are said to be huge populations of wildlife just waiting to be observed. I can now say Ruaha out performed my very high expectations. For those looking for a location away from the crowds that is still truly wild, make plans to visit as soon as possible.



A very fine camp to enjoy the park is Kwihala. There are no extra frills, just a simple bush camp that has everything you need…cold beer, hearty food, spacious tents with great views, and excellent guides for both walking and driving safaris.  



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