20 Questions with Teresa


Mango Safaris Co-Founder
Team member since 1999

1. What’s your hometown?
Portland, OR

2. What’s your favorite thing about working at Mango?
It is incredibly rewarding to help our family of customers create life changing journeys to Africa.

3. Why do you love to travel?
I enjoy experiencing all of the beauty and power of mother nature on our Goldilocks planet. Also, I believe that I am a citizen of the earth and that we have much to learn and share with each other.  
To quote Mark Twain
"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime."

4. What’s your favorite destination in Africa and why?
Okavango Delta – you cannot feel the presence of man or the year. you have truly fallen into nature.

5. What’s your favorite destination outside of Africa and why?
Indonesia - snorkeling remote islands by sailboat is wild!

6. What’s your dream trip for 2020?
K-Pop concert in Seoul with my daughters

7. What’s the best thing you ever ate while traveling?
Chocolate mousse frozen hard on the outside from liquid nitrogen

8. What’s the most memorable wildlife sighting in Africa?
While drinking coffee, we watched 3 wild dogs chase an impala into the river in front of us. The wild dogs had their breakfast caught but were foiled when a giant crocodile came out of the water and stole the impala for himself.

9. What’s the most unique souvenir you’ve ever brought home from a trip?
I have a long list here…
A carved threshold of a Zanzibari door
3 carved walking men
A large scrap metal bird

10. What 5 things are always in your carry-on bag?
Cozy scarf, eye mask, lip balm, great moisturizer, hopefully a great page turner

11. What’s the foreign currency you have the most of floating around at home?
South African Rand

12. What’s your top travel tip?
Get a good manicure and pedicure before you travel. No dishes on vacation!

13. What’s your favorite animal?

14. What do you love to do outside of travel?
I love spending time with family. I have two girls ages 9 and 12. And I am obsessed with the game of tennis and spending time in my garden.

15. What’s your go-to drink for sundowners?
Sparkling water

16. What’s your favorite movie or book?
Cutting for Stone or Lincoln in the Bardo

17. What’s your favorite food?
Tuna poke

18. What pets do you have?
2 cats and 2 office millennials

19. What’s your perfect summer day?
Sleep in, drink coffee, work in the garden and play tennis

20. What’s your guilty pleasure movie?
Indiana Jones



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