20 Questions with Suzanne

Suzanne Spencer

Mango Safaris - Africa Expert
Team member since 2017

What’s your hometown? 
Boulder, CO

What’s your favorite thing about working at Mango? 
Talking to people about travel to Africa

Why do you love to travel?
Opens my mind and expands my way of thinking.

What’s your favorite destination in Africa and why? 
DRC or Rwanda.  I love observing the gorillas.

What’s your favorite destination outside of Africa and why?
Too many to list – I haven’t been somewhere that I didn’t love. Well, I am not too keen on humid jungle settings.

What’s your dream trip for 2020?
Sudan and Chad

What’s the best thing you ever ate while traveling?
Can’t think of one meal but 6 weeks in Cape Town was a dream come true with the incredible restaurants to choose from.

What’s the most memorable wildlife sighting in Africa?
I love watching baby elephants especially when they are just learning to use their trunk.

What’s the most unique souvenir you’ve ever brought home from a trip? 
Not unique, but I try to bring home local fabric.  I also have a serious mask collection that line my office walls.

What 5 things are always in your carry-on bag? 
Book, water, headphones, pen and paper

What’s the foreign currency you have the most of floating around at home? 
I have boxes of foreign currency from all the change I forget to take out of my pockets before going home.

What’s your top travel tip? 
Go into your trip with an open mind as it is often the small experiences that have the biggest impact.

What’s your favorite animal?
If African wildlife 1) Gorillas 2) wild dogs 3) elephants otherwise I love dogs.

What do you love to do outside of travel?
Ski, run, hike, tennis, sewing, reading, spend time with husband, family, dog and pals.

What’s your go-to drink for sundowners?
Cold beer

What’s your favorite movie or book? 
Too many books to list.  I just re-read the City of Thieves and a Gentleman in Moscow.  Both are excellent.

What’s your favorite food?
Anything with Asian spices and noodles

What pets do you have?
One incredible dog – Luna Belle

What’s your perfect summer day?
Going for a long hike

What’s your guilty pleasure movie?
I love animated movies like Madagascar or Kung Fu Panda



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