Africa offers a wide range of experiences. Your travel style is a reflection of your personal taste, how your trip will run and how all the elements combine to fit your budget. Our trips can range from driving from park to park and setting up your own dome tents in public campgrounds to chartered helicopters hopping from exquisite lodge to lodge with private villas brimming with every luxury. Most of our clients choose an itinerary that falls somewhere in between these extremes. We are masters of the 'high/low' where we mix up the level of luxury throughout a trip to tailor it to your interests even more. We know where a moderate option will give you a similar experience and where it is worth it to splurge a little.

The word tent can mean many things. It can describe a dome tent where you sleep on a mat on the floor. It can also mean a huge elevated private villa with personal butler, running water, teak decks, claw foot bath tubs and 'canvas walls'.

This is a very intangible element that is sometimes best revealed through conversation. We will typically ask questions like:

Are you looking to travel luxuriously?
Are you happy to forego the running water to have the tented camp experience for a few days?
Do you need air conditioning everywhere?
When flying from camp to camp, are you happy to share the plane with other travelers and possibly making an extra stop or two, or do you prefer a plane chartered direct?
In cities, do you prefer a boutique hotel or large luxury hotel?
Are you looking to save money by joining a group of other travelers?
How active are the people in your party so we can match your interest and activity level?

Each person on the Mango team has traveled to over 40 countries around the world. If this is your first trip to Africa, sometimes we can talk about what elements you enjoyed most in other travels and we can transform that into options you might enjoy in Africa. If you have traveled to Africa once or multiple times, this can get easier as we speak in familiar terms.

Ultimately, we hope your trip is exactly what you would have created for yourself - had you the knowledge & expertise that we do in these areas.

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