Kelsea Lee lives in Portland, Oregon. She graduated with degrees in Conservation Biology and Environmental Ecology from University of St Andrews in Scotland and a Masters in Science Communication from the Australian National University. She has been with Mango since 2012, and has completely fallen in love with the team, Africa and the safari world.

Kelsea grew up in a family of passionate travelers, and is lucky to have already visited 51 countries. Her favorites by far were Botswana, Tanzania and Madagascar for work, and Antarctica, where she carried out marine mammal and climate change studies with her university. Other favorites include the time she lived in Puerto Rico with her family, hiking and canoeing to Angel Falls in Venezuela, trekking the Andes in Argentina, exploring Hong Kong, and roadtripping through Europe. Unique wildlife is the driving factor behind her travels, and she keeps a notebook with all the creatures, big and small, that she has seen. Aside from traveling and wildlife, photography, cooking, reading, playing soccer, and drinking really good coffee are her favorite things.

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