Casey Gamba Hermansen

Coming from a family of avid travelers, Casey was destined to work in the travel industry. Her parents’ zeal has long been her inspiration for exploring the world. Her mother was a travel agent and her father was a frequent flyer pioneer. They started simple with road trips around the national parks of the United States before moving onto larger trips like the Caribbean and Canada as the kids grew up. When she was in sixth grade, her father figured out how to earn lots of miles for little cost by flying from Denver to Casper, Wyoming and back.  She would choose one friend each week to fly to Casper with her after school.  They would fly there, get an ice cream and explore the airport, then fly home. The next few years their family of five spent lots of nights in the airport, volunteering to get bumped off of flights to earn free tickets. They ended up with millions of frequent flyer miles and started taking big international trips, including Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong.

With a lifetime of incredible travel experiences to choose from, Casey’s fondest memories are those she shared with her loved ones – watching her daughter dance with locals at Thornybush, scuba diving with her husband in the Seychelles, sipping Amarula with Teresa by the campfire, and riding an elephant through the Okavango Delta’s waterways. In the past year alone she and her family have enjoyed the sunshine in Kauai, visited hidden safari gems in South Africa and Zimbabwe, and tasted their way through Croatia and Italy on a road trip. While in South Africa, she touched on all the best that the country has to offer – luxury camps in private reserves, chic city hotels, and elegant wine land retreats. For her finale, she traveled to southern Zimbabwe where she topped off Mango’s knowledge on the famed Singita collection. Known for their outstanding luxury experience, Pamushana was no disappointment – Casey loved it.

In 2015 Casey had a fabulous trip to the Seychelles, checking out 20 luxury resorts on the islands of Mahe, Praslin, Desroches, Denis and Labriz - some old favorites and some new gems. She’ll also tested out Ethiad Airlines via Abu Dhabi to review their service with new routes into Africa. With the exception of a trip to Puerto Vallarta over the December holidays, travels have been on hold for the last year due to the new Mango Denver headquarters being built.  Very exciting!  As soon as she can get back on the road she is hoping for a family trip to Tanzania and northern Mozambique this coming summer.  Also on the horizon for her is a familiy trip to Menorca. 

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