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Emerson Spice

Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Silver price level

Mango Opinion

Emerson Spice remains a favorite in Stone Town. We love the sense of place and feel like 'this is the way to explore Stone Town'. What better way to experience this exotic and historic port of call than staying in a restored palace?

This is a historic, old building so expect lots of stairs, not perfect AC and elements can be a little funky. If you can handle that, you will love your stay. Definitely have dinner at the rooftop restaurant one night.

Emerson Spice has a 360 degree view of Stone Town's winding alleys, lively markets and colorful culture. With delicately carved wooden trellising, an indoor courtyard and hanging lanterns, this is an authentic Stone Town experience.

An inspired and lovingly restored Merchant’s House, Emerson Spice has eleven stylishly furnished rooms structured around an airy central courtyard. The hotel hosts two restaurants: The Secret Garden Restaurant, located in the distinctive Ruins of the adjacent garden and the rooftop Spice Hotel ‘Tea House’ one of Stone town’s most renowned restaurants offering a stylish ambiance amidst the sound of the calls to prayer from the town’s many mosques.

From the town, you can explore and photograph the harbor, mosques and narrow streets of this UNESCO World Heritage site. Zanzibar was for years the center of an ancient trading empire with vessels coming from as far as Persia, India and China. Among the many interesting sites are the Palace Museum, the Old Fort, the Slave Market, the House of Wonders and the Hamamni Baths. An optional excursion is a Spice Tour to the many plantations to learn about the history of the island and its cultivation of spice plants.

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