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Mursi Fly Camp

Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Mursi Fly Camp is a truly off-the-beaten-track accommodation located high on a river bank overlooking the Omo River. Considered one of the last 'great undiscovered' places in Africa, the Omo Valley in southwestern Ethiopia is a region rich with cultural heritage where tribes untouched by modern life. This is an absolutely fascinating glimpse into the hidden treasures of Ethiopia. Few people will ever get to experience place - it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime destination for avid travelers.

Set up at the drop of a hat and accessed only by boat and foot, Mursi Fly Camp consists of a simple mess area and sleeping tents. The dome tents have capacity for two people on single cots with comfortable mattresses on top. Directly in front of the tent is a chair and small coffee table for morning tea and coffee. Amenities include a mirror and canvas basin filled with warm water for shaving or washing. The long-drop toilet is at the back of the tents for ease and privacy. The bucket showers are next door in a separate cubicle and are filled up with hot water when needed, which can be activated by pulling on two separate ropes. There is access to minimal electricity at the camp.

While the camp is rustic, the true value lies in the close proximity to the Mursi Tribe's village, which is within walking distance. The village often plays host to travelers who visit at prearranged times. Away from camp, activities include boat trips, birdwatching, guided nature walks and fossil hunting.

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