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Hotel Maribela

Lalibela, Ethiopia

Hotel Maribela is located in the heart of Lalibela mountains. spacious and modern rooms all with breath taking views of the Ethiopian Highlands. Maribela Hotel was built in a very appealing design, inspired by the famous rock churches of Lalibela. The tasteful interior decoration gives every guest the very best in Lalibela hospitality.

During your stay in Hotel Maribela we ensure your comfort and convenience every step of the way. The hotel has well designed rooms, each with a private balcony. A cozy daybed is made available so you can enjoy the gorgeous views of the Ethiopian highlands. At the hotel restaurant, Ethiopian Traditional food as well as a variety of international dishes are available at all times.

Maribela is a special name, meaning ‘honey eater’ in Amharic. This name was given to King Lalibela, a saint and the builder of the city and the famous churches. Legend has it that on the day of his birth many bees indicated his future greatness by surrounding him. Whether you are enjoying the stunning sunset, having a serenade in the delightful garden or enjoying the uninterrupted views of the valleys and mountains from your room’s balcony on your daybed, you will find that Maribela Hotel offers you a genuinely restive and regenerating experience.

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