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Lale's Camp

Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Lale's Camp is situated on the eastern banks of the Omo River on the western side of Ethiopia. A journey to the Omo River is a journey to the birth of mankind, where early hominids have been found dating back 2 million years at the crucial point in human evolution. This is a cultural jewel of the world that few will ever get to experience.

A genuine frontier experience, Lale’s Camp is an entirely canvas affair, consisting of a mess tent and sleeping tents. The tents are comfortable but basic, with sturdy canvas walls and floors, the latter reinforced by thick camping mats. Each tent contains double or twin beds, a veranda and en-suite facilities that include hot water and a flushing toilet. This is everything you need and nothing more - perfect for the adventurous destination.

Lale's Camp gives travelers the opportunity to explore the Omo River Delta, which is only accessible by boat. This remote area, which consists of islands and marshes is virtually untouched by the normal effects of tourism since only about 50 people visit it each year. Travelling by boat, visitors pass thick forests hanging over the river, full of birds and crocodile. As well as passing the Nyanyagatom, Hamar and Kara tribes, guests can also visit the lip-plate Mursi tribe and their close cousins the Surma. A stay in their Mursi Fly Camp is well worth it.

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