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Chada Katavi

Katavi National Park, Tanzania

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This is an amazing camp in an extremely wild park with almost no one else around. While remote and off the beaten path (a 4 hour flight from Arusha), when combined with nearby Mahale this is an incredible itinerary. The game viewing is so concentrated, the animals so numerous, we send as many people as we can to Chada. 

Its reputation as the tsetse fly capital of the world and outdoor bathrooms make this camp not for everyone. The luxury of this camp is having pristine, wild Africa practically to yourself. This is a dream destination for serious safari goers.

Katavi is like travelling back in time, maybe to the Pleistocene era. Animals seem bigger and more bestial. As a human, for once, you don't feel like you own the planet. It's a thrilling experience. Survival here depends on fragile seasonal rivers, the Katuma, the Kavu and the Kapapa. Between the rivers, huge herds of buffalo and other herbivores concentrate for the rich grass of four great floodplains. 

The six tents are raised up on wooden platforms overlooking the Chada Plain and its wildlife. They have wide-open fronts and plenty of shaded net windows to let in the passing breezes. The en-suite bathrooms are at the side with eco-flush toilets, a basin of cool water to refresh yourself with, and safari style showers. We love this camp for its stripped back simplicity. You have all the creature comforts you need, but the focus stays on the pristine natural setting.

The wildlife is unbelievable in Katavi. Hippos in the thousands cram into the remaining pools, crocs retire to caves in the mud walls of the river banks and herds of buffalo and elephants are drawn to the rivers. The lions, hyenas and other predators are attracted to this abundance, giving guests a fascinating glimpse into the wild world of primal instincts. Rare roan and sable antelope, normally skittish and shy, graze openly on these plains. It is this combination of unique wilderness, isolation and incredible wildlife that makes Katavi such an ideal safari for those seeking thrills and adventures.

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