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Yeha Hotel

Axum, Ethiopia

Bronze price level

Mango Opinion

Axum was the seat of an Empire which extended across the Red Sea to Arabia, traded with China, had is own alphabet and constructed great engineering works - so Axum is very interesting. Yeha Hotel is a basic government run hotel that is the option in the area. You won't be taking pictures of your room to show your friends but its the best option we have for the moment.

Yeha Hotel Hotel is a three star hotel located in the outskirts of the city of Axum on the historic route.

From around 200 BC to 700 AD, Axum was the seat of an Empire which extended across the Red Sea to Arabia, traded with India and China, minted its own coinage, had its own alphabet and notational system, constructed great engineering works and dams and which was reckoned by the 4th century Persian historian Mani to be one of the four great powers of the ancient world, alongside Persia, China and Rome. Today the visitor can see stelae (the largest single pieces of stone erected anywhere on the world, it is still not understood how they were transported from the quarry 4 km away and erected), the tombs and castles of kings, Axum Museum and Mariamtsion Church, built on the site of Ethiopia’s first church. A chapel within the church compound is believed by Ethiopian Orthodox Christians to house the Ark of the Covenant, or the original tablets of Moses on which are inscribed the 10 Commandments.

Ascend the hill to the east to see the castle and tomb of King Kalab, passing on the way Mai Shum (or the bath of the Queen of Sheba). See the tomb of King Basen, whom Orthodox Ethiopians believe was one of the three Magi who brought presents to the infant Jesus.

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