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Sabean Hotel

Axum, Ethiopia

The Sabean Hotel is located in Aksum, which is in the far northern part of Ethiopia and the country’s most ancient city.

Aksum is known for its remarkable stone obelisks, each carved from a single piece of solid granite stone, which are relics of the ancient Kingdom of Aksum. Most are in the northern Stelae Park, including a huge fallen pillar, now in pieces. Centuries-old Christian church St. Mary of Zion is a pilgrimage site believed to have housed the biblical Ark of the Covenant. The neighboring Chapel of the Tablet is said to contain the Ark today.

All the rooms in the Sabean have free wifi, flat-screen TV and city-views. The suites also have balconies and there is an on-site restaurant and bar for guests to enjoy.

The Sabean is in close proximity to the Tombs of Kings Kaleb and Gebre Meskal. Other nearby attractions include the ancient ruins of Aksum and the Queen of Sheba Palace.

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