Plan Your Safari

How do you start planning a safari? Good question.

Planning your safari is an extensive and enjoyable process. The preparation and excitement before the trip ever starts are a big part of the fun.

If you are interested in going on a wildlife safari for the first time, the question usually starts with where? Check out our Mango Highlight Trips to dip your toe into the 'what's possible' itinerary water.  We have created these highlight trips to demonstrate how we think the main areas: East Africa versus Southern Africa shine over a range of seasons with different levels of luxury. 

Beyond that, this website gives you a wealth of information to start the discovery process. We have detailed information about each country and lots of sample itineraries to help you identify what your perfect safari might look like. 

There are many factors to consider:

Where to go?
What is your budget?
When is a good time of year to go?
What is your travel style?

Our sample trips are organized so you can research by destination or by experience.

As you navigate our website, please call us to brainstorm in this process. We may be able to send you in a few specific directions in one fun and inquisitive conversation.

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