North Africa is fascinating region offering some of the most interesting cultural experiences on the continent. The main countries for travel in this area are currently Morocco and Egypt. Home to some of the earliest know civilizations, North Africa has an incredibly rich and interesting history to discover. Today, both Morocco and Egypt have a beautiful mix of ancient traditions blended with modern culture that has evolved over generations. With ruins and relics dating back thousands of years, travelers can walk in bygone footsteps and uncover the remnants of once-powerful and influential kingdoms.

Peruse a bustling Moroccan souk with its stacks of handwoven carpets, baskets of fragrant spices and clusters of lanterns twinkling overhead. Hike through the Atlas Mountains to visit a remote Berber village or sample locally grown olives preserved using a recipe passed down between the generations. Wander through the Pyramids of Giza at first light, with no other person in sight. Cruise along the Nile River on your private dahabiya, seeing how the lifegiving waters nourished millennia of civilization. Spend an afternoon getting lost in the storied museums of Cairo, discovering the countless treasures housed there.

Whether your travel style is luxurious and chic, off-the-beaten track or somewhere in between, we have scoped out the best properties in the most coveted locations in Morocco and Egypt. From restored riads in the heart of Fez to stunning kasbahs hidden away in a palm oasis, there is something for every type of traveler.

Click on the different countries to discover each destination and what makes it so interesting.

Countries in North Africa

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