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Ethiopia by Private Helicopter

22 Days from $80,850 per person

Ethiopia is a truly fascinating country steeped in centuries of history, with a cultural heritage that seems to withstand the passage of time. Travel across this remarkable destination, seeing the stories of bygone civilizations literally etched into the land. Centuries old churches are hand-carved into the rock faces of mountains and ancient monasteries cling to cliff faces. Tribal cultures untouched by modern life continue to thrive in the remote Omo Valley, offering a rare glimpse into a world free from globalization. Venture through the endlessly changing landscapes - dramatic mountain ridges dotted with gravity-defying villages, fertile river valleys and highland plateaus. Here, rare wildlife - many found nowhere else on Earth - make their home amid otherworldly vegetation. What really makes this itinerary special is a private helicopter excursion to the incredibly remote Danakil Depression. Few on Earth will ever have the privilege to see this dazzling, otherworldly geological phenomenon. 

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