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Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

10 Days from $5,750 per person

Mt Kilimanjaro has long enchanted the minds of those seeking out adventure. Towering at a staggering 19,340 feet tall over the fertile Tanzanian savannah, it is the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. An ascent of this nature is a thrilling endeavor that is perfect for those who love to challenge themselves. We love this group trek on the Lemosho Route specifically for its gentle ascent that approaches the mountain from the west. You will pass through some of Kilimanjaro's most iconic features - the Shira Plateau, Lava Tower and Great Barranco Wall - before a final exhilirating scramble to Uhuru Peak. This climb can be done alone, but while there we strongly recommend taking advantage and going on a wildlife safari or visiting Zanzibar. 

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