Not every traveler arrives in Africa a birder, but it seems that everyone comes home bearing that mark of distinction.

Whether you are a first time visitor looking to encounter as much wildlife as possible, or consider yourself a keen birder, Africa is a great place to enjoy a vast array of bird life. With Africa boasting nearly 2,500 different species of birds from over 100 different bird families you will certainly enjoy a vast array of calls and plumage while you are out on your safari. Couple those numbers with the beauty of their endemic areas and you are in for a mesmerizing experience that leaves even the most experienced of birders thirsty for more. Be a witness to the birds of prey as they circle overhead in search of their next meal, watch as vultures line up to get their beaks into a fresh kill on the savannah, marvel at the perfection of the golden buffalo weavers nest as it dangles delicately from the thinnest of branches. Whatever you spot is sure to make an impression as you wrap up your safari and reflect on all of the gorgeous winged wonders you have had the chance to see.

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