Get a deeper appreciation for the wilds of Africa by witnessing the bush on foot with a walking safari or an extended hike! With more and more camps specializing in bush walks and walking safaris, the time has never been better to lace up your boots, grab your camera and step OUT of the vehicle…

Leaving the comforts of your room behind and heading out into the bush on a walking safari is an exhilarating experience to say the least. You afford yourself the opportunity to see a different side of the wild, one that focuses on not only animals, but on plant, bird and insect life as well. Enjoy a front row seat to view the way the ecosystem truly intertwines and marvel at the impact of every given species as they all do their part in maintaining the rhythm of life. With more time on foot to focus on the details, learn the ways that man has thrived in the bush for centuries, using not only his knowledge of beast, but of the entire world around him…

With a vast array of options available, a perfect match for an experience of a lifetime is well within reach. Whether trekking alongside the Samburu as they move their herds of camels through the Laikipia Plateau of Kenya, traveling on foot from camp to camp for an multi-day walking safari in the truest sense, or climbing your way to the highest point on the continent as you summit Kilimanjaro, delve in to the area around you and awaken all 5 of your senses as nature brilliantly reveals itself in front of your very eyes.

Here is a collection of itineraries that give you a chance to break out of the vehicle and spend more of your time in Africa on foot.

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