The Murchison Falls National Park is set in northwestern Uganda and radiates out from the shores of Lake Albert to the Victoria Nile. The park sits within the Murchison Falls Conservation Area, and is the location of the famous Murchison Falls. The waters of the Nile rush through a narrow gorge before crashing over a 141 foot drop, creating a thunderous and impressive site to behold.

There were big poaching problems in the 1980s, but in parts of the park, things have recovered nicely. Main activities include game drives, boat safaris on the Nile to the falls, and to watch the wildlife that is attracted to the refreshing waters of the river. Murchison Falls National Park is home to buffalo, elephants, lions, leopards, antelope, hippos, crocodiles, hartebeest, kobs, oribi and giraffes. There are also hundreds of bird species including the elusive and rare shoe-bill stork.

Several lodges are available to visitors,but we like to use Nile Safari Lodge. Access to the park comes from several road routes that connect to other notable areas, including the city of Kampala.


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