Characterized by rolling hills, tea plantations and farm land, central Uganda is a beautiful and lush region. For driving itineraries, this area is key to getting around, and includes some lovely locations to visit. Entebbe to Bwindi is where most itineraries start, a long days drive which can be broken up with an overnight stop in Lake Mburu National Park. This is one of the only areas in the country where you will see zebras and they are very friendly! Often times you will wake up here with your tent surrounded by these creatures! Cross over the equator and stop to see a local presentation roadside. Stop for cold drinks and fresh baked treats at one of the many roadside stores. After your stay in the Virunga Volcanoes area, you can drive up through Queen Elizabeth National Park. Home to tree-climbing lions, forest hog and Ugandan Kob, this park also borders both Lake Edward and Lake George and a boat trip along the Kazinga Channel will give you a glimpse into daily life here. A bit further north you will find Kibale National Park, home to unique vegetation and some of the only wild chimpanzees left on the planet.

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