The world’s second largest expanse of tropical rainforest on Earth, the Republic of Congo is the emerald heart of Africa. Home to the high primate diversity in Africa with the biggest populations of critically endangered Odzala lowland gorillas and 11 other diurnal species, the Congo is one of the most important conservation areas in Africa. Crisscrossed across the rainforest are ribbons of lush savannah, rivers with ancient trees overhanging the banks and hidden wetlands. Wade waist-deep through the meandering streams in search of birds or drift peacefully through a tunnel of overgrown leaves in a traditional pirogue boat. Trek deep into the heart of the wilderness to come face to face with the rare lowland gorillas. Stare into the eyes of a young gorilla in a moment of mutual curiosity before he scampers to the treetops in search of ripe fruit.

Sit quietly in the sunshine on the edge of a bai (a forest clearing) as elusive forest-dwelling animals gather from the shadows, drawn to the mineral deposits found in the mud here. Watch as these largely solitary animals socialize, possibly the first time in months that they have seen another of their kind. See red river hogs, forest elephants and buffaloes, sitatunga and bongos wallow in the mud. Take in the swirling flocks of green pigeons and African grey parrots as they fill the air around you.

Sip coffee on the deck of your treehouse bungalow as a great blue turaco is flushed out by the antics of a boisterous monkey. Gather around the campfire and reflect on the day’s adventures as you tuck into a delicious meal.

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