Ethiopia is a country of dramatic landscapes, ancient churches and fascinating tribal diversity. As one of the only countries in Africa to never have been colonized, the nation has a rich heritage all their own. From ancient Coptic Christian churches carved directly into the rock to the remote tribes of the Omo Valley, Ethiopia is full of experiences that have stood the test of time. Venture deep into the heart of the Omo Valley to meet the many tribes that call it home. Take in their elaborate body adornments inspired by the natural world…flowers piled atop their heads, thick layers of beaded necklaces draped around their necks, wooden lip plates, and intricate designs painted with white mud on their bodies.

Watch the death-defying antics of the gelada baboons as they raid the precariously terraced crops of farmers on the steep slopes of the Semien Mountains. Hike through the giant lobelias in the Bale Mountains in search of the beautiful Ethiopian foxes. Marvel at the incredible feats of architecture that created the stone churches of Lalibela, carved directly into the earth. Soar in a helicopter over the extraordinary tapestry of colors in the Danakil Depression before tiptoeing around the neon yellow sulfur deposits and rusty red and blue hot springs. This is truly a landscape unlike anywhere else on the planet. 

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